Monday, November 2, 2009

I Love...Christian Siriano

Chrisitian Siriano is working on his next fall line, and if you saw his Spring 2010, it’s sure to be a good one. He says that it will be “very dark – that’s the only thing we’re going with right now.” That seems to be a recurring trend each fall: dark, neutral colors. “It’s very gothic, kind of like a swamp, but we wanted it to be really feminine.” Personally, I don’t want to be wearing anything swamp-ish (mostly because I go to Florida State, booo Gators), but if Christian Siriano says it’s going to be good, I believe him.

Siriano is also busy with a spinoff reality show for Bravo. Um, why am I just finding out about this? But the show, which is untitled for now, is said to follow him during the creation of his spring 2010 and fall 2010 lines. He states, “it’s very like The September Issue, very Valentino [The Last Emperor]. We want it to be as real as possible.” Well, if it’s anything like those, count me in. He continues, “I think it’s best to be as normal as possible, and luckily, I just happen to be entertaining already.” The show is said to be documentary-style and feature him being “serious” and even talking to the camera. I love this guy.

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