Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Michelle Obama & Rihanna Have Glamour Covers!

My day just became great. As I was looking through my favorite magazine’s website, Glamour.com, I saw that not only will Michelle Obama be on the cover of the December issue, but Rihanna will have her own cover as well. Rihanna is one of my favorite celebrity style people and I love seeing her in a picture – she always looks amazing. Not only that, but she was nominated as a Woman of the Year by Glamour and breaks her silence about what happened to her that night with Chris Brown. I really don’t have an opinion on that, because it’s not my business, but I’d love to see what she has to say and see some of the photos Glamour took of her for the issue. (as you can see I’m more concerned about her outfits than the issue-at-hand lol). Well anyways, hooray for my girl Rihanna! I hope she’s doing better nowadays. To see the interview, go to Glamour.com.

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