Monday, November 9, 2009

Pakistan's First Fashion Week

Pakistan had its first Fashion Week that launched last week amongst security concerns and the Taliban to the north. The four-day event was rescheduled two times because of security fears but was nevertheless a successful event. No foreign buyers or designers were invited because of security measures but fashions were a mix of couture and ready-to-wear. “Many designers made reference to the turmoil, reflecting the contradictions and tensions coursing through this society,” according to the AP. “Some women strode the catwalk in vicious spiked bracelets and body armor. Others had their heads covered, burqa-style, but with shoulders — and tattoos — exposed. Male models wore long, Islamic robes as well as shorts and sequined T-shirts.”

The show took place in Karachi, the largest most cosmopolitan city in the country, at a five star hotel next door to the American consulate. The location is only two hours by plane ride for al-Qaida and Taliban. Nevertheless, the CEO of Fashion Pakistan Week, Ayesha Tammy Haq, was optimistic. “This is our gesture of defiance to the Taliban…there is a terrible problem of militancy and political upheaval ... but that doesn't mean that the country shuts down. That doesn't mean that business comes to a halt."

The fashions definitely showed the spirit and style of Pakistan, I think they were absolutely beautiful. Click here to see more designs from their fashion week.

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