Monday, November 23, 2009

Forever 21 New Beauty Line

Forever 21 has launched their new beauty product line, love & beauty, which is fully stocked at 135 locations while partially stocked at the remaining 305 locations. The line consists of beauty products for lips, eyes, face, nails, fragrance, and tools and accessories such as cosmetic bags, tweezers and makeup brushes with nothing over $10. You also can purchase the products on While I don’t wear that much makeup and I’m definitely not makeup savvy, I’m not sure if I would wear Forever 21 makeup? I think the prices are great but I’m just curious about the quality. Forever 21 spokeswoman Kristin Nagle stated, “We are using a lot of the vendors that are making prestige cosmetics. It is the same quality as prestige vendors, but at Forever 21 prices.” So maybe the quality is there? Would you buy Forever 21 makeup or other beauty products?


  1. I haven't tried F21 beauty line yet, but I LOVE their nail polishes, so I think I would like their make-up too. Their nail polishes go on perfect and for $2.50 a bottle- it is well worth it. Hmm..I do understand the concern for not knowing if you should try it or not... I would just start out trying one or two of their products and then going from there..

    If I try it (which I am sure eventually I will) I will let you know what I think. :)


  2. Yeah the prices are great. I have lip gloss from there I love so maybe they do have some good stuff. I'm not very makeup familiar so i honestly dont know what's good or bad lol. But def. let me know!


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