Sunday, September 27, 2009

The September Issue

So this past Friday, me and one of my good friends Corey went to see The September Issue (finally). Okay and before you say, damn you guys are late, it's not our fault we go to school in Tallahassee, Fl! Anyways, we went to see it and we both absolutely loved it. It was such a great perspective on the life of Anna Wintour and Vogue overall. We both agreed that Grace Coddington (the Creative Director at Vogue) may be our new favorite employee over at the magazine. She had such a great personality and her vision is amazing. She is the person responsible for almost all the fabulous photo shoots that take place at Vogue. Her and Ms. Wintour together are hilarious because they are always butting heads and disagreeing on what they believe is right.
Andre Leon Tally was also hilarious (and fabulous) but I thought he would be featured a little more than he was. Especially since you always see him and Anna photographed together. During the movie I was so excited because my boss over at Glamour, Jenny Feldman, was in the movie as well. She's in the scene when they are at the party for Thakoon and Gap I believe. She's talking to Thakoon about how his face is everywhere now. That might have been the highlight for me lol.
Overall I thought the movie was great and really showed some key factors that go in the publishing of a magazine. Although in my opinion, it didn't look as crazy as it really is (or could be). Working at Glamour when they were putting out the September issue was crazy. Some nights I wouldn't leave until like 9pm and would be running around like a crazy person all day. But I guess the focus of the movie was more on Anna Wintour and how she is dealing with the September issue, not the rest of the office.
Has anyone else seen the movie? What did you guys think?

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