Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

So I go to school in the most tropical place in America, Florida. And this week hurricane Ida decided she wanted to bless us with her presence. I’m from the northeast so I’m not use to psychotic downpours of rain and wind that literally blows me off my feet (sheesh I only weigh like 100 lbs). But I figured since I’m here I’d better get use to it. One thing I never really needed to buy back at home were rainboots. But since in Florida it’ll rain even when it’s 100 degrees and the sun is out, I thought I should invest.

My grandmother bought me these cute Juicy Couture rainboots last year at Bloomingdales. They’ve been very helpful in my struggle to get to class without looking like a wet dog. Here are some other rainboots I thought were cute and you might like.

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