Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Michael Jackson Clothing Line

During one of the Today Show's daily updates on the death of Michael Jackson and all the drama with it, they investigated the possibility of Jackson creating a clothing like Christian Audigier (the maker of Ed Hardy). Before Jackson's death it was rumored him and Christian Audigier were going to create a "chic" clothing line to premier in stores. Audigier and his designers came up with sketches for t-shirts, jackets, gloves (sparkly ones of course), socks, and other accessories. He was even supposedly going to make umbrellas for the line since MJ was mostly always seen with one. Because of Jackson's death, however, nothing was signed and the Ed Hardy designer can still roll out the line. A Jackson Jacket that would have retailed for $250 (if MJ was alive) would now retail for about $500 because of his death. The good news is Michael Jackson had impeccable style and many of the trends today are copied by him from decades ago. The bad news is Christian Audigier is the designer. Can't win every time.

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