Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yay For Designer Discounts!

So even though the economy sucks and everyday all we seem to hear about is how bad things are and blah blah blah...I have exciting news to get you, well, excited! Anyone who knows me knows I love designer clothes, shoes, handbags, underwear, everything lol. I love it, can't get enough of the fabrics they use, their attention to detail and who doesn't want to be seen walking around the city in red bottom heels? But, since I'm a poor college student with no real job, it's hard to afford these things.

But low-and-behold! Here comes my knight in shining armor aka great designer discount websites. First there was Net-a-porter. Genius. But then they moved their sale site and made the Outnet, who's having an amazing clearance sale on their website as I type. After that, Gilt Groupe and then Gilt Fuse. I live. And then today was even more great news added on to all of this amazing-ness; Rewind, a discount website brought to us by the lovely makers of Revolve Clothing. 

The site is going to have heavy, deep discounts - we're talking up to 80% off here people - from Revolve's website. They have an extensive list of designer's on their site and hopefully will be adding even more fabulousness to this. I absolutely ecstatic about this guys. Cheap, fabulous clothes. Feel special that I'm sharing my secret's with you ;)

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