Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Real (Gay) Househusbands of New York City?

Marc Jacobs with husband Lorenzo Martone

Something great thing in my life happened today, I read in one of my favorite blogs that there might be a gay version of Real Housewives. And guess who is rumored to already be signed on to the show? Marc Jacobs. Let's see, one of the best designers: check. Being one of the only men who can pull off wearing a skirt, check. Being in a reality show that already has a huge popularity and might even be better with gay men and might possibly have more bitchiness and cattiness then all of the housewives combined: check, check and check. The show is said to be a gay version of Real Housewives, which is reportedly said to be named Kept, created by the team who brought us Real Housewives. It will be featured on the gay network Logo sometime in 2010. They are doing open casting calls in New York City for "high-powered (openly gay) playboys" in a few weeks, with March Jacobs (hopefully) already on board. Guess I have to upgrade to Direct TV now.

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