Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2010

So today I had an interview with one of my favorite fashion magazines and the girl who interviewed me asked, "who are some of your favorite designers." And for me I really didn't have to think about the answer. Number 1: Marc Jacobs (even though I didn't say that to her because he's everyone's favorite designer; simply because of the fact MJ can do no wrong). Number 2: Alexander Wang. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I describe my style as "tomboy chic." You can most likely catch me in a v-neck, some skinny jeans, and some fly heels (or boots). I rarely wear dresses. And to me, Alexander Wang embodies that "tomboy chic." And number 3: Jason Wu. He became huge after designing Michelle Obama's inauguration dress and the boy is on fire. Recently he showed his pre-fall 2010 collection and I love it! It does have a lot of dresses but they are simple, classy, and easily accessible to wear almost anywhere. Check them courtesy of


  1. I am LOVING that second dress!!

  2. I'm loving the army green dress and the second mini dress...very edgy and daring collection overall...I would pay money to see Michelle Obama in something this edgy....she has legs for days...



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