Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Nipple Pasties Are Back

Just when we thought the trend was going out, NOPE! Lady Gaga has whipped out the nipple pasties for her preview on Gossip Girl. But on the positive side, she's wearing the nipple pasties overtop her outfit, but it still kind of looks a little see-through. The plot in which said outfit/pasties are used is one where Blair gets Gaga to put on a private show. Leighton Meester described Lady Gaga as "very avant-garde and kind of gothic." Supposedly, Ms. Gaga is wearing a "30-ft. long stage dress" reported by People. Well, since she hasn't worn pants since, ever, this is a great way to finally throw in some fabric. The episode premiers November 16 titled "The Last Days of Disco Stick."

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