Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kell On Earth Gave Me Life

So last night as I was watching TV, because I have nothing else better to do, my TiVo reminded me that
Kell On Earth was premiering at 10pm. I cried tears of joy because I had been waiting patiently for her brutal, harsh, hilarious honesty. And then after watching the show - it was everything I dreamed it would be, plus more!
I sat smiling for the entire hour loving every minute of it. The key scene in my head from the show was when Kelly stated how the real fashion industry is. Not like The Hills where they go to work for 15 minutes, get some coffee, walk around, and leave. No. People cry (have to go outside though), yell, cuss, stay until 1am. That is the true fashion industry. And I love how she exposed it.
I was in class today and I asked a friend did she watch Kell On Earth last night and she responded "Yeah it was great. But now I know I don't want to do fashion PR." Fantastic. I hope Kelly weeds out all the unnecessaries.
What did you guys think of Kell On Earth? And if you haven't watched it & you want to be in the fashion PR industry, I strongly suggest you do.

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